Saturday, July 5, 2008

DIY Dairy

In the spirit of reducing packaging from foods (is seltzer a food? maybe in Hollywood?) that I love, consider the yogurt maker.

"But dairy products were not meant to be made at home!" you might think. "They are frequently complicated, sometimes involve caves, and are generally not DIY projects!" Ah, but that is not always true. Yogurt is actually incredibly easy to make at home; technically, you don't even need a yogurt maker, but having one can greatly improve the reliability of your results. (And as a scientist, I am always in favor of reproducible results.)

Yogurt is delicious but also tends to arrive in non-recyclable plastic containers, creating even more guilt than recyclable seltzer bottles. (Yes, in some places you can recycle plastic #5, but for whatever reason, those places don't include New Jersey.) It also tends to come in fairly standard flavors, like peach and blueberry. Making yogurt at home allows you to create your own flavors. If I get a yogurt maker at some point in my life, I might start with herbal or spiced yogurts (lavender? thyme? cumin?), maybe play with extracts... cherry-almond is one of my favorite combinations, so a little almond extract (or even almond milk?) might be a tasty addition. We'll see how it goes.


Aliza said...

yeah, i kind of want to steal my mom's old yogurt maker too :)

but FYI- butterworks yogurt, from VT, which maybe available at some places around there, but may not- they do ship some as far south as DC-- uses #2 containers

--i did this whole sustainability analysis paper on them- it was really awesome and am now obsessed with them and their yogurt- and have plans to visit the plant/farm this summer. but they only have the large size containers- in plain and vanilla non-fat or full- fat
so i know some people prefer low-fat which they don't sell. but they sell their cream separately which is supposed to be amazing, but i've only had it as an ingredient in ice cream.

Faye said...

hmm... i've never heard of butterworks, which means it hasn't made it to fairway, never mind stop n shop in NJ. but i'll put in a request for it at the store, they did get Fage after all!