Saturday, May 10, 2008


Steampunk got a shout-out in the Style section on Thursday. Check out the slide show, some of the prettiest gadgets you've ever seen.

Pretty computer! Can I get a laptop version?

I'm surprised they didn't mention Hiyao Miyazaki's work when they talked about movies. They're a bit more fantasyish than The Prestige etc. but many of his works have a steampunk aesthetic as well. Stardust (and, to my knowledge, other Neil Gaiman? please correct me if I am wrong) had a bit of it as well -- sky pirates and all that. Both of them involve more magic/fantasy than science/technology, but there are airships and steam-powered cars and goggles all over the place in the Miyazaki 'verse. (See: the title castle in Howl's Moving Castle, which is in fact steam and demon powered!)

Anyway, I digress. A subculture that embraces scientific discovery, adventure, and exploration? Yes, please. We need more of that. Also, more men in hats. Never underestimate the power of a good hat!

For more fun check out: Steampunk Workshop; Rivets and Lace; Brass Goggles.

And for your viewing pleasure: Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Sleepy Hollow (proto-steampunk), Wild Wild West, Firefly (sort of), and the short-lived Legend.

PS: Steampunk also got a blog post on Omivoracious,'s book blog. Read on for steampunk lit.

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