Monday, June 9, 2008

Bagels and... what?

Hmm. Zabar's will have their hands full trying to make sardines the new lox. Good luck with that.

Sardines with your bagel?

Despite what might say, salmon is probably best to just keep on your Avoid list. I'm not sure how recently they updated the list, but it probably hasn't been updated since the Pacific fisheries south of Alaska were closed. With prices on Alaskan salmon poised to go through the roof, you might want to find something new to put on your bagel.

Unfortunately, the other classic bagel topper, whitefish, is also a no-go. Atlantic cod, aka whitefish, is a big red Avoid on that list. But if you're a fan of herring in cream sauce, you're doing A-OK, since herring (aka sardines or kippers) are considered a Best Choice.

Of course, the other option is to not put any fish on your bagel at all. I like mine toasted with a little butter, tomatoes, and a slice or two of manchego. Simple, delicious, and definitely dolphin-safe!


Aliza said...

isn't whitefish a different fish than cod and is found in fresh water like the great lakes?

Faye said...

Hmm. I don't know. I typed "whitefish" into the search bar on the SeafoodWatch page and got cod. But I wouldn't be surprised at all if there were several "whitefishes" because a lot of fish turn white when you cook them. I'll look into it.

Faye said...

Well, Wikipedia is not helpful on the subject. There are many species of fish called "whitefish", one of which is cod and some of which are the ones you referred to. (

I think the best answer is to ask "what kind of whitefish is this?" before purchasing, but there's no guarantee either way.

Aliza said...

yes, wikipedia doesn't particularly help in this matter, but i think that the whitefish in "Jewish" cuisine- either smoked in whitefish salad, is usually the freshwater kind- I think the other use of the word is more for fish classification purposes vs culinary purposes. i have little to back me up except that when you google smoked whitefish a lot of things come up about great lakes whitefish, and I have always had that association as well. I could see if anyone on Jcarrot knows about this.