Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sparkling or Still?

Tap water is hot. Bottled water, finally, has earned itself a reputation as an excess, an over-indulgence by Americans who don't know how good they have it, who have clean water always on tap and available.

There's just one little problem.

My kitchen sink doesn't produce seltzer.

And I like seltzer, dammit! I'm not so keen on sodas, I'll have one once in a while, but I love seltzer. Sparkling water is just so delicious and fun to drink... except for the large plastic bottles that it comes in, which inspire a pang of guilt every time I put one in the recycle bin.

But there is an answer! You can make your own! SodaClubUSA has the answer. Refillable carbon dioxide cartridges, reusuable bottles, and a broad selection of flavors.

Also, I would point out that anyone who can get the Forward, the Environmental News Network, and RV Life to agree must be doing something right! (Of course, the NY Times is right in there too, surprise surprise, but for once that isn't where I read about it first.)

My only criticism of this would be that they don't have nearly enough seltzer flavors... I'm a fan of lemon and lemon-lime, but I also love cranberry and raspberry. Where are my berry flavors? All in good time, maybe. Or I could just use real fruit, I guess.


Anonymous said...

Then you get real pulp or seeds gunking-up your seltzer-thingy gasser.


Anonymous said...

blah, unless you are on well water, and your neighbors broke the pump in a fit of rage against you, and now your well water tastes awful. and then you have to buy bottled water water, feel guilty and contemplate moving.