Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Mmm. What can I say? I love bacon.

The smell of smoked meat... the crispiness of the fat and the chewy meat, the saltiness that's so delicious when combined with a pancake and maple syrup. There is no food more sublime than a plateful of bacon.

Look at the way the meat and fat alternate in beautiful stripes. Notice the gentle undulations of each strip, harmoniously piled together just so to make a veritable sea of smoked pork. If I may quote Pulp Fiction briefly, "Bacon tastes good." Yes! It's true! Bacon is delicious, and there are no two ways about that.


Anonymous said...

Between 2 slices of bread with schmaltz! Its' Heaven!


Angie said...

hi! found your awesome blog when i did a google search, you have the perfect picture of bacon for a competition i'm entering, do you own the copyright for it?

Anonymous said...

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