Thursday, April 17, 2008

Quick Rant

I am so tired of being told that my wedding dress is the most important dress I'll ever wear. Yeah, it's important. But let's say I was in a field in which the Nobel Prize was awarded (come on Nobel committee, there's more to biology than medicine!), and I somehow manage to win one, and I go to Sweden and wear a formal evening gown and look fabulous while accepting my prize. Isn't that gown ALSO important?

I actually really like wedding planning stuff, most of it has been pretty fun so far, but I am SO TIRED of the hyperbole! Bands do it, stationers do it, photographers do it, magazines do it. Yes, it is an important and significant milestone in my life. BUT it is not a reason to abuse the English language within an inch of its life. For example, one band told me that they would end my party on the highest possible note. Yeah. OUCH.

I just wish they would stop the terrible writing. It actually makes me less likely to like you when you can't use the word "literally" correctly to save your life. Literally is the opposite of figuratively, not a synonym... thus no one is going to be "literally dancing on air" or whatever. If they were, that would be some pretty sweet advanced technology! (Human-sized air hockey sounds like a GREAT idea for a wedding reception!)

Godzilla does not like high notes either.

Ok, I'm done now.



metheus said...

Just to provide some counter-whatever, I'm going to go out on a limb and say your wedding dress (and I'm sure you'll look amazing in it, and that it will be great), will be the LEAST important dress you ever wear.

Faye said...

Heh, thanks for the counterpoint. I'm not sure it's the *least* important, I just feel like it's somewhere in between. But thanks for the support! :D

Anonymous said...

eh - it's a dress. Important? sure. But if you wore a burlap sack or pair of would still end up married at the end of the day.

I guess the same goes for everything about a wedding. Band sucks? flowers wilt? hair turns out ugly? catering is gross? cake turns out wrong? same outcome: MARRIED. (not saying that any of these things will be true for your wedding, haha)

good for you for staying grounded. I have just seen one too many brides obsess over cake icing or bridesmaid dresses when none of it matters after that one day.