Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Wedding Transportation

For our wedding next June, we'll definitely need some transportation for the wedding party. Limos are so old-fashioned; what I really want (and since I'm the bride I get what I want!) is something that says, "We're young, we're fun, we know how to party!"

What ride could say that better than this?

I even like the zebra stripes; it definitely lets you know that I'm both a nature lover AND a party animal! (See what I did there? Ha!) But seriously, this thing would be great for a safari, I bet lions would come up to it and try to take a bite, and then we'd get some excellent closeup photos. But anyway, it would also totally coordinate with the men's tuxes and stuff. Yeah!


Aliza said...

umm...it also looks like a hummer or something. what if you decorated a pedi-cab or rickshaw or something (assuming it's nice weather)?? I think that would be really cool.

Faye said...

Yeah... you shouldn't trust anything I post on April 1... ever. :D