Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More salmon news

Apparently, southern hemisphere salmon aren't doing any better than northern. This time, though, it's farmed salmon in Chile that are poorly. Of course, farmed salmon in general isn't sustainable... they're carnivores, and it takes four to six pounds of other fish to raise a pound of salmon. Where does that fish come from? I don't really know. But it's coming from somewhere in the deep blue sea, and the seas are becoming more and more empty. Plus, farmed salmon in areas where salmon normally live can intermingle with wild populations, spreading both diseases and genetic material and contaminating the wild fish. When it comes to salmon, wild caught is still the best. Oh, and did I mention that these (in the article) are Atlantic Salmon? That are being farmed in Chile? Where they don't belong in the first place? And that some of them are escaping and eating the native sea life? Yeah. Bad situation all around.

By the way, the article specifically mentions Costco and Safeway as retailers that sell Chilean salmon. Don't buy it, and let them know why!

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