Friday, March 28, 2008


Save Our Seals!

It's late March, which means it's time for a different kind of madness...

Canada's seals are once again in danger of being brutally clubbed to death

Yesterday I said I was in favor of some hunting of deer in NJ. Things that I am decidedly not in favor of include brutal, medieval hunting techniques; killing baby animals just a few weeks old; and skinning animals while they're still alive -- all to benefit the fur industry. Seal hunting is a far cry from the forest management/subsistence hunting of white-tailed deer.

So if you think this:
is cuter than this:then YOU have a responsibility to spread the word about this shameful hunt. If you eat fish, boycott Canadian seafood. (More information on the other end of the links about how, where, and why.) Tell everyone you know about seal hunting. This slaughter serves no purpose beyond indulging the "fashionable" elite in their desire for sealskin clothing. Haven't we moved beyond that? Blood on the ice will never be fashionable.

Please note: They're really not kidding about the graphic images in the video. May cause the following: tears, revulsion, anger, compassion, dismay, renewed desire to bring about change, loss of appetite for Canadian seafood.

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