Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My neologism

I'm definitely not a vegangelical. That sweet little neologism is a recent addition to the Urban Dictionary, but I am not one of the ranks of that holier-than-thou crowd. I'm happy to say I don't know too many vegangelicals, actually. The vegans I know are a modest bunch, for the most part.

But I realized that I do have a higher calling, even if it isn't being a vegangelical. I encourage everyone I know to read the good book I follow, to live their lives by a simple mantra, and to bring mindfulness to everything. (Especially eating.)

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm a Pollangelical.

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. (All the rest is commentary.)



Phil said...

Show us the way!

Aliza said...

I really like your quote at the end :) it's highly quotable and I might link to you on the Jew and the Carrot.